After the Firing thumbAfter the Firing

"After the Firing" is Julie's latest body of work focusing on the intersection of urban space and the natural environment, both coastal and rural.

Photography: Alastair Duncan


Enclosure 1Urban Landscape

In her current work Julie is exploring the relationship between urban developments, the natural environment and climate change. Julie currently has work for sale at Mission Gallery, Swansea.

Photography: Alastair Duncan


Digital ExperimentsDigital Experiments

These are images created by using my ceramic forms and photographs to explore the possibilities of what can be seen through the “windows”.

Photography: Julie Brunskill / Alastair Duncan



I found myself increasingly using the “perforations” as almost the only means of decoration on these forms. This had the effect of emphasising the paper-like quality of the clay with allusions to tearing along the dotted line.

Photography: David Wibberly


Crane Series-12Belfast Crane Series

I started work on these pieces while artist in residence at Stranmillis College, Belfast. The cranes that tower over Belfast Lough are such an iconic and dynamic feature of the cityscape, but it was only later that I realised how much they had influenced me.

Photography: David Wibberly